What you need to know before you download Kik messenger on your iPhone?

About Kik Messenger:

The Kik messenger app is an easy to use, free messaging app which has tons of feature which will enhance your experience of communicating. The KIk messenger, dates back to 2010 and with regular updates and added features, it has survived well and has around 120 million subscribers till date.

Kik Messenger Features:

Chatting: To start chatting on Kik messenger all you need is to give your name, user id or screen name and password. No other personal information like phone number and address is needed ad thus it becomes extremely private.  Thus, Kik messenger allows its user to chat with everyone almost anonymously.

Friend List: Kik messenger gives its user options to sync their contact list from their device and thus getting a readily available friend list  chat with. Once the user identifies any friend on ki messenger, he can start chatting instantly by hitting the chat bubble.

Group Chat: The app allows making your personal groups as well as public groups. Anyone can be part of any group. The maximum number of participants in one group can be 50. Any kind of group can be created related to family, friends, hobbies, music, business as well.

Notifications: Kik messenger provides with prompt notifications. The user can check if the friends have read the message, or if the message is delivered, or if the friend is typing any message.

Sharing: The user can share “n” number of videos, picture meme, sketches and much more. Also the user may play various fun games  that come along with this app

Kik has got a very simple and basic interface with limited customization options. It comes with 8 different colors for your chat bubble , however, no changes or customizations are available for the background. The user interface is simple , quick and easy to learn with little complications.

Steps to download KIk on Apple Devices:

Follow these simple steps to download the kik messenger on the Apple devices:

  1. Go to the app store on your device.
  2. Search for the kik messenger app in the app store.
  3. Choose and open the kik messenger app and tap on the “GET” icon.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  5. You may require to enter your Apple ID and password.
  6. Once installed, open the Kik app and follow the sign in process.

Before downloading the Kik messenger app, the user has to ensure that the apple device is compatible and should have minimum requisites like: at least 90 MB of free space, working internet or WiFi connection, iOS 8.1 or Up versions.

Bottom line:

The Kik messenger is perfect for those people, who already have a lot of their friends already on Kik, or who want to make friends and chat with random people and play games. Rather than just being a messaging app, Kik messenger has tried to develop lots of inbuilt features as well as third party services, however, it still lacks in a lot of features and does not create a niche for itself, as compared to its competitor’s. People already using WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram and others may not find any special feature to get attracted to Kik, and thus there is still a long way for the Kik Messenger, to establish itself in this crowded market.

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