Download WhatsApp For Bada & Java Phones


WhatsApp For Bada:  If you are using Bada or Java Phones but would want to use WhatsApp, it becomes quite a problem because WhatsApp is not meant for these operating systems. But, this application has become so popular that people are now switching from most of the messaging services to WhatsApp so why should you be left behind just because you use a Bada or Java phone? This post is all about WattsApp for Bada & Java Phones and how you can download and install it on your devices if you are not using Android or iOS devices. So, if you have been looking to find out ways to solve this issue you have come to the right place.

It seems like almost everybody is familiar with WhatsApp, as it the most downloaded application around the Globe. More than 600 million people are currently using the application.And day by day the percentage of its user are increasing at a tremendous rate because of its compatibility with different operating system. Initially, it was first launched for iOS platform and later it was introduced to Android platform.


Download WhatsApp For Bada & Java Phones

WhatsApp is the top most instant messaging service which lets you stay connected with your loved ones all the time no matter how far they are. You can not only send text messages besides you can also send voice messages, share Videos, send pictures of yours and also express yourself by sending the Emoji, so the fun of using WhatsApp Application is limitless.

Now the question arises from some of the Java and Bada Users whether they can use WhatsApp in their Devices or not, and if yes then how?

WhatsApp for Bada & Java Phones— is there a way?

With all the advancements coming in the way and all the new applications being available there have been many upgradations in the well-known applications too and WhatsApp among the most loved messaging tools available.

The popularity of WhatsApp has made it a must have application for everyone with smartphones so can Bada and Java Phone users get it on their devices too? Yes, it’s no more a big deal, you can download and use Whatsapp in Bada and Java phones too, and I will explain about it in the following sections below.

How to Download WhatsApp for Bada & Java Phones?

Given below are some of the few steps to get the most popular application in your Bada & Java phones, it is very easy to download WhatsApp as there are plenty of Sources available in the Internet Databases. Follow the instruction mentioned below.

I am sure you are aware of the fact that Bada &Java operating system supports only Jar and Exe files, so you’ll have to download the Jar or .exe file of WhatsApp.

In order to download the jar file, at first, go to Google and search by typing WhatsApp for Bada and Java phones, there you will find a list of websites. Then select any of the pages carefully and look for the file download option.

After that simply click to download and save it in your device memory. You can also download it using your PCs and laptops.


WhatsApp For Bada & Java Phones

How to Install WhatsApp for Bada & Java phones

Now for installing WhatsApp in Bada & Java phones, you’ll only need a laptop or PC and a USB connector, and the files downloaded in your device memory.

  1. At first, connect your computer and mobile with the help of a USB connector.
  2. Now you have to send both the files in your mobile phones memory.
  3. After that safely remove the USB connector.
  4. Restart you mobile Phone.
  5. Go to the directory of your memory where you have saved the file and start installing by clicking and accepting the permission.

Once the installation procedure completes you will be able to use WhatsApp and all the facilities of it. And I almost forgot to tell you about another WhatsApp alternative namely, GBWhatsApp for Android.

Features of WhatsApp for Bada & Java phones

The benefits of using WhatsApp is countless, due to its Amazing features which are integrated into it. The developers of this application have perfectly designed this amazing Instant messaging application which has become a household name now.

Although there are a countless number of features of WhatsApp, I have mentioned only a few of them here which might become good reasons for you to install this Application on your Bada or Java phone.

  • This application lets you text unlimited messages to anyone you know, no matter where they are in which corner of the world do they live.
  • Send and receive Voice messages instantly by recording directly from your device.
  • Send videos and multimedia files of more than 30MB of file size.
  • Now with the recent upgrades, you can also send Documents, PDF files, XML, HTML, and many more type of files without any problem.
  • Share photos and images efficiently with anyone.
  • It consumes very less amount of data than other messaging App.
  • WhatsApp lets you call your closest one even if they are living in another country and you will just need the internet data for that.
  • Send any photo or document or videos internationally for free; there are no extra charges for sharing the multimedia internationally.
  • With the help of WhatsApp, you can also make chat groups and start a conversation.
  • Use video calling to talk with your close ones. Video chatting with your friends and family has never been easy before.
  • This app also lets you receive and send GIF images.
  • Now you can also share photos with anyone from the cloud sources.
  • You can now protect the particular messages by simply starring them.
  • You can even backup your important messages in the Google Cloud drive too.

Well, these are some of the features that you can get to have while using this amazing instant messaging tool. With all these amazing features I believe there is no reason not to use WhatsApp for Java Phones.

So, if you are using Bada or Java Phones, there is no need for you to worry as you can follow the above steps to download this very cool instant messaging app and enjoy free messaging and other features with your friends and near ones.

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