GBWhatsApp Alternatives and Similar Apps for Android Devices!


GBWhatsApp Alternatives: WhatsApp since its release in 2009 has been getting popular and is now a valid mean for communication. There are lot of features which let the user communicate easily from different parts of world. On the other hand if you’re trying to find any best alternative for GBWhatsApp then you’re at right place.  GBWhatsApp is a fine messaging app but we still might require a better text app for Android. In such case we will be reviewing a site of app that will serve as GBWhatsApp Alternatives.

Text messaging has become a wonderful and most easy way to communicating with one another even though we are 7 seas apart. Calling serves the best but when it comes to text messaging we can do it through messaging apps like WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp that us nothing but few MB of mobile or Wi-Fi data hardly. In this very means, we find using Messaging apps way more effective and reasonable indeed and you might be thinking the same too.

GBWhatsApp Alternatives & Similar Apps

GBWhatsApp Alternatives

In this article we have got few alternative for GBWhatsApp which will amaze you as you can find many Apps similar to WhatsApp. I’m sure that our tutorial for GBWhatsApp Alternative will reduce your work for searching any best App in App Store. Read out the features and description given about each individual GBWhatsApp alternative app and choose one to download for free.z

Best Alternative for GBWhatsApp:

  • Kik Messenger
  • Line Messenger
  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Hike

See there are tons of messaging and texting apps out there in the market and it is a good habit to have a note of all resourceful ones. So, here in this post we have put together few of the best GBWhatsApp Alternatives you may ever find.

  • Kik Messenger:

Kik Messenger is also a popular known communication platform started on Blackberry platform.  Since it release the App has become popular for its free message, photo and video sharing features. It doesn’t require ay verification with mobile number and easily gets you connected with simple steps. Getting into a group chat is easy by suing any private groups or using any particular hashtag. I would suggest you instead of WhatsApp if you don’t want to get paid or share your mobile number with others.

  • Line Messenger:

Here comes one of the popular free messaging platform the Hike Messenger. It has been a biggest rival app for WhatsApp due its features like sticker and other text updates. Easily connect with different people around you and get your status, timeline updates daily. Besides having the App file, it is even available for Windows and other popular Smartphone OS. Line was popular known for its character and sticker, the great blown up emoji’s that add your text the emotional touch. So can choose this App too if you’re tired of using WhatsApp.

You can download GBWhatsApp Apk from here

  • WeChat:

WeChat Messenger is among the top used social networking platform for commination. The timeline and interface of WeChat is great to use in any Smartphone. The popularity of this App isn’t that great as Kik or Viber but the features are very great to perform. Video Chat, Voice clarity, Sticker, Emoji’s and more are few best features of WeChat. It offer few bets games which let you compete with WeChat friends and have fun inside this messaging App.

  • Viber:

So I would like to end the GBWhatsApp Alternative tutorial with the Viber messenger. Getting Viber at the end of list doesn’t mean it has any lagging in features instead it is one of best flagship App for WhatsApp.  Viber allow its user have free voice calls and allow them to make calls for non viber users at limited price cut. The messengering features and the voice calls added features make it better to use. This App is available for all OS for Smartphone and also can use on PC or Mac Computer too. Get started with Viber Messaging service and enjoy its service along with 200 million users.

  • Hike:

Hike Messenger is a classic smartphone text messaging app that comes with a brilliant interface which most users love. We can add out friends and mark them important to share our status onto which we can attach images, quotes and more. Similar to WhatsApp, we can add our profile picture which gives users a better way of knowing you. The vital reason why people love using Hike is because of Stickers alone, we can browse between different stickers related to festivals, days and funny ones as well.

You can read more about GBWhatsApp For PC

Well these are the few alternative we’ve found so far that are both swift to use and flexible indeed. I hope this article has helped you to find the best alternative for GBWhatsApp App. You can choose any App to install as each have their own and better features to use on.


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