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WhatsApp For PC: WhatsApp messenger is the application designed for the purpose of sharing data like messages, images, videos and audio later on. This is an encrypted end to end instant messaging service application especially designed for the android devices. Later it was introduced for iOS and windows phone as well. Now the new update allows the user to update status for 24 hours in a video format that will discontinue after 24 hours span automatically. Since, its popularity has grown immensely by the time; its desktop version is put for download specifically accessible for windows 8+ and above versions.

WhatsApp For PC – Download

WhatsApp For PC

WhatsApp History

In 2009, WhatsApp Inc was founded by two people named Brain Acton and Jan Koum. Both are the X-employees of “yahoo”. In 2007, both the developers left the former company and then travelled all the way to South America in need for a break from work pattern.

In 2014, WhatsApp was an individual company and it was only a messaging app. Still it gained so much popularity that the owner of facebook Mr. Mark Zuckerberg purchased it for the cost of $16 billion. Hence, it is still a separate service and not yet merged with facebook entities. But day by day new updates and features are landing in the market for WhatsApp application by the new owner of the company. In present scenario, company has declared it as a free service application and no cost will be charged after its regular use for a year.

WhatsApp is one of the leading applications all over the world and it has gained a huge fame since it is collaborated with the renowned facebook. So, if you own a Smartphone, then facebook plus WhatsApp will be on your hit list. After many speculations and research, a new update is launched in the market integrated with latest features for the desktop version. The WhatsApp for pc is something which everyone was waiting since it was launched for android users. However, the new application update is accessible for windows 8+ and Mac iOS 10.9+ which can be synchronized with your smart phone account.

WhatsApp for PC

The desktop WhatsApp works like a mirror connection, where you conversations done on phone will be automatically reflected on the PC for further speculations. It is known as extension tool so that you don’t have to pull out your device time to time from the pocket.

How to download the WhatsApp for PC?

  • First of all download the application APK file from the desktop browser field.
  • You have to download one more app store application on your desktop i.e. known as Bluestacks. It is a kind of a supportive platform application which will play the WhatsApp for pc efficiently.
  • Now open the application and scan the QR code by utilizing the Smartphone already installed account. This can be done by heading towards the WhatsApp web menu available in the settings page.
  • Another thing which is important is your mobile number verification. No matter you have a WhatsApp account on Smartphone still for pc installation you need to verify the number in given time period.

Bluestacks Settings

  1. After the installation of bluestacks app player you are all set to get the WhatsApp on your windows OS.
  2. Click on the search option given in the settings and then perform a search action for WhatsApp.
  3. On top search result you will find WhatsApp messenger icon
  4. Now click on install option and run the verification process
  5. You can also download the WhatsApp for pc version from the official website of the WhatsApp messenger.
  6. In the bluestacks main page you will find the installed icon of WhatsApp. Click on the link and verify your contact number. edit profile picture as well as update a new nickname
  7. WhatsApp registers its user by using sms method. The developer automatically sends verification through sms on the provided number. if you are using that relevant number, then either it will detect on its own or you have to manually type in.
  8. The verification may take 30 seconds and then you are ready to launch contacts, images and share all you want to with friends and family.
  9. WhatsApp for pc application will receive a message saying that it is free for a month, but you need to an annual fee only once you have completed 1 year of use.
  10. After clicking on continue option then you are supposed to upload contacts and previous chats if you had on your Smartphone. Backup restore option is also given by which you can get all shared files and texts on the desktop.

The theme on the screen is almost similar to the messenger window of the Smartphone version. Next to the message input box, there is an icon for emoticons and keyboard. You can switch according to the use whenever required.

Hence, some of the file sharing features is currently available for PC version. Well, as per the test being done on volunteer systems, it is clear that it can share videos, audio files and images properly.

Nowadays, WhatsApp is not only a friend or a family messaging virtual application; it is more than that to the world now. Even commercial businesses, meetings and many other global aspects are now accomplished through the WhatsApp messenger. No other application could occupy the niche where WhatsApp is standing in current era.

Some new updates for WhatsApp for PC

  • GIF messaging- now you can send GIF messages which often you have shared on the facebook for festive occasions or mimics.
  • Video calling– like other messenger application for example facebook messenger, video calling for WhatsApp is also accessible now. After new update you will be able to make video calls via wifi or ISP. The video quality is very superior in comparison to the usual messenger apps and frequent disconnection problem does not persist at all.
  • Status update– you can now update new status by recording a live video about your emotions. This will reflect on your WhatsApp account for 24 hours and later it will be all gone without notification. You can again update a new one by using the status update option. This may seems to be a little tricky update, but people like it very much.
  • Privacy settings– some new add-ons on safety feature are provided to the android, iOS and windows users. You can easily restrict people from watching your new status update. If you wish to show your status to all, then you have to select the show all option or else you can keep it customized.
  • Group features– you can also declare one or more than two group administrators than you for emergency issues. In case you are not able to add a member or don’t have a contact, then the same can be done by the other admin if he has the contact saved in the phone list.

However, you can also make calls or do video chat by using the your desktop. WhatsApp for PC version enables the user to make video calls. The main condition is that the laptop or PC should have wifi connectivity feature and should have a high quality web camera to display the best picture quality.

The application for desktop may seems to be successful for corporate or the small businesses. Many companies need software to connect with their employees or group of batches and communicate in groups instantly. Some companies have their inbuilt software for the purposes, but they have limited features to access. With the use of WhatsApp people will be able to keep the employees engaged in work and there will not be a Smartphone hindrance time to time.

Moreover, you can enlarge the text box and use different text fonts for the messaging purposes. The kind of emoticons you have been using in your Smartphone app WhatsApp version, the same are accessible on the PC screen. If you don’t have windows 8+ or above version, then make sure you have updated or installed a new version. The old desktops could not show compatibility with the latest WhatsApp application, so try out in your new laptop today.

So what are you waiting for? Download the new version of WhatsApp for easy access and instant communication with friends. No need to take your phone out of your pocket time to time. While you are working on your PC, you can easily switch to the home page of the WhatsApp application that is installed on your PC. You will also get notifications or buzz whenever a new message will come on your phone account. All the information which will be saved through WhatsApp on your Smartphone will also reflect on your device automatically.

In case you are not willing to keep the account, then you can uninstall the setup file from your local drive C or wherever you have saved the program file configuration settings. The data which is in your phone will not be affected at any cost even if you will uninstall the data from your PC.


Note: You have successfully installed WhatsApp on your PC. If you want to use 2 Whatsapp accounts in your single Android device then, Download GBWhatsapp for PC.


GBWhatsApp For PC: Today we will be coming through a useful app for the user who uses two WhatsApp accounts. It is already known that WhatsApp only allow single account to be used from its App which let us use two different Smartphone to use our two WhatsApp accounts. So in this article we will come across a useful app called GBWhatsApp which will allow running the seconds WhatsApp account for free.  The sole reason why I advise you to use GBWhatsApp For PC is to view and chat with friends on a much bigger screen. To be frank, your smartphone screen might not be suitable for all and here this guide helps those who want to use this app on a big screen.

Messaging has become a popular and easy means of communication and with the advent of such amazing text messaging app it is more easier indeed. Not just chatting with friends and family but we can share pictures, files such as Zip, Apk, PDF and many more. So today we discuss and review about GBWhatsApp which is a clone or mod version of original WhatsApp that we use every day. So, what are you waiting for just go on and start reading this guide.

GBWhatsApp For PC – Download

GBWhatsApp For PC

Well I can understand many of might be thinking why not use the WhatsApp web version directly? Well if you want you can but let me say this that GBWhatsApp For PC is one of the finest messaging tools you can find. So, if you want speed, accuracy, better texting feature then stick with this app. Not only we can view this app on large desktop screens on Windows and MAC, but also entertain and effectively use all the features from a Android version one.

This app is designed for the users for their flexibility and hence gives you a platform to use two accounts on single device.  The features of GBWhatsApp are slightly increased from usually WhatsApp as the sent picture number can be increased to 90 forms 10. The amount of Data bytes is also increased to 30MB along with the Symbols, characters used while texting. GBWhatsApp provides an easy and clean interface for the users to run their different account. If you don’t know how to get this App installed then there is no worry, as we have the installation guide of GBWhatsApp for PC given below.

Sometimes we might find using old texting apps and official version of WhatsApp a little boring. But with the help of GBWhatsApp Apk  we can witness new features and better customization options.

GBWhatsApp for Features:

Let’s know few features of GBWhatsApp which make it exactly working as the WhatsApp App and give you a free platform to use.

  • GBWhatsApp Supports messages as well as calling feature too
  • Get the privacy option and edit your setting of appearing online
  • Can send videos up to 30MB and can view media without loading
  • One click and send 90 images at a time to your GBWhatsApp contacts
  • There are about 140 symbols and more than 250 character to use while texting
  • Change the notification and program icons as per your display settings
  • Even pdfs, files, documents and more can be sent using GBWhatsApp
  • Change color, add new languages and more setting
  • View the contact from your conversation screen directly without going to their profile
  • Use theme server to downloaded more than 50+ themes for WhatsApp

I am sure you have found these above features interesting and before we get going, I would like you to read some more about BlackMart Apk that can be used for various effective reasons on Android.

Download GBWhatsApp For PC Using Bluestacks:

GBWhatsApp is a mobile based application which can be installed on PC along with other Apps using Bluestacks. This will let you get GBWhatsApp installed on PC Windows and start using it to enjoy dual WhatsApp account on big screen. Follow this steps and get started to run GBWhatsApp on Windows PC.


  • Download Bluestacks and Install it on WhatsApp For PC windows from its official store
  • You can easily find the Bluestacks file from bluestacks.com for your PC windows OS
  • Provide your Gmail and get started to launch the Bluestacks after installing it
  • Make sure you add Google Play Store while launching the Bluestacks
  • Download the GBWhatsApp Apk using Firefox or Chrome from GBWhatsApp Official store
  • Then select GBWhatsApp Apk and click to open with Bluestacks emulator
  • Agree with Terms on Installation and proceed to install this App
  • In very quick time GBWhatsApp will be install using emulator

That’s it! GBWhatsApp icon is now available in Bluestacks Menu to start using from your PC windows. Get started to use your two WhatsApp accounts in PC by completing this process successfully. If you find any doubt in installation process, let me know in comment section.

Update: Recently new features have been added such as better voice calling and Video calling in HD which can be used for free of cost. Well I am sure you might have used the calling feature in the past but the new additional video calling feature is a game breaker.

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