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GBWhatsApp For MAC: We have been using the Android Apps on Mac OS like WhatsApp, Viber and so on. There are few users around us who have different WhatsApp account which make them to have two accounts. Hence for this accounts they need two different WhatsApp which isn’t a possible one. Either they should use two different mobiles or use one of them alternatively. In this article we have got the result for this situation and hence we bring the GBWhatsApp Apk for our users. Well there’s no need to add more words because this app is self explanatory and everyone reading it knows how GBWhatsApp works indeed.

We also have discussed how to install this app on Windows, so if you are still wondering how to download GBWhatsApp for PC then the process is same for both MAC and PC. I guess most of you would have read our previous tutorials which will surely show you how good this app is and so that is why I advise you to download and run GBWhatsApp on MAC desktop as well. There are few reasons why I prefer this app over others is because there are no ads which makes it pleasing to use.


GBWhatsApp For MAC OS

This GBWhatsApp is designed to give you the WhatsApp interface on your device. If you have deice to use two differen accounts on Mac OS then download the WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Apk using the Andyroid emulator. Once you get this process done you will be able to use your different account from one platform. Also read the features of GBWhatsApp which are far better than usual WhatsApp App. Those who don’t know how to get GBWhatsApp Apk installed on Mac OS using Andyroid they can read our tutorial given below. We use Andyroid emulator as to get this Android Smartphone App on Mac OS.

The most important reason why we are using GBWhatsApp for MAC desktop platform is unknown to most of you indeed. We use it because to view and chat with friends on GBWhatsApp on a large screen such as MAC desktop. The perks of using this app over a bigger screen are far more than that of viewing on your Android or iOS devices.

GBWhatsApp Features:

GBWhatsApp for Android is a fine way to chat with friends and family, to be frank it is one of the best and easiest app to use out of all. There are many points to be said about GBWhatsApp of which few features of them we have listed here below.

  • View the receive files or picture without getting them loaded
  • The sent images will be increased from 10 to 60 in GBWhatsApp
  • Can modify the header profile and also the icon to appear
  • Change the colour of “Typing..” and also the received two clicks
  • Send videos or any files up to 30MB or more size
  • It is integrated with 250 character and 140 symbols
  • Download different themes from 50+ Themes can be used to edit
  • Send pdf’s, files, documents, videos, picture and many in one click
  • Can edit the program and notification icon from the display settings

Download GBWhatsApp For Mac Using Andyroid:

Mac OS isn’t directly install the GBWhatsApp as this App is a mobile based application. This App can be installed by using the Andyroid emulator which is an Android to Mac emulator. The steps written below should be proceed manually, so read the below steps clearly and get GBWhatsApp installed on Mac.


GBWhatsApp For MAC OS X Download

  • To get started you need to install GBWhatsApp Apk firstly on Mac OS device
  • This Apk can be found from GBWhatsApp official site using device browser
  • Once you got the Apk downloaded, then download Andyroid emulator
  • Get the emulator from Andyroid and install it manually
  • Launch the emulator on Mac OS and tap on its search bar
  • Now open the GBWhatsApp Apk file using emulator and tap to install
  • Also agree the condition for installation of GBWhatsApp on Mac OS device
  • It may hardly take few seconds to get GBWhatsApp installed completely
  • Now the App icon will be available in Apps menu to use on Mac device

In case you find this process a little hectic then I advise you to use the WhatsApp web version which seems simple to me. And you might find it easier as it can be used on different web browsers that makes it easy to handle.

Finally we have got our GBWhatsApp installed on Mac OS device using this Andyroid emulator. To start using your seconds WhatsApp account on Mac OS device, launch the GBWhatsApp for MAC,from Andyroid menu. Else if you have any doubt in the installation guide, let us know in the comment box.

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